The increased complexity of power plants is driving companies to look for ways to effectively capture and re-use know-how acquired in the form of experience made by personnel involved in troubleshooting. In recent years, there has been much progress in the fields of knowledge management in general, and artificial intelligence in particular. One such technology with its roots in cognitive psychology is called case-based reasoning. This paper begins with an overview of the organizational knowledge creation process in general, a description of a technology called case-based reasoning, and an analysis of the advantages of case-based reasoning compared to more classic knowledge-based systems. It then describes what is at stake in the maintenance of mission-critical, high-technology equipment in the power industry, followed by a description of a second-generation expert system based on case-based reasoning that is designed to effectively capture and reuse troubleshooting knowledge within a large organization. Finally, it will illustrate other issues that can be addressed, such as staff turnover, availability of experts, etc..

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