Hybrid fuel cell/gas turbine (FC/GT) systems have been shown through experiment and simulation to be highly efficient technologies with low emissions. Maintaining efficient, low emission, and safe operation, whether during disturbances or regular operational transients, is a challenge to both understand and address. Some likely disturbances can arise from changes in ambient temperature, fuel flow variations induced by supply pressure disturbances, fuel composition variability, and power demand fluctuations. To gain insight into the dynamic operation of such cycles and address operating challenges, dynamic modeling tools have been developed at two different laboratories. In this paper these models are used to simulate the dynamic operation of an integrated MCFC/GT hybrid system and to subsequently develop and test control strategies for the hybrid power plant. Two control strategies are developed and tested for their ability to control the system during various perturbations. Predicted fuel cell operating temperature, fuel utilization, fuel cell and GT power, shaft speed, compressor mass flow and temperatures throughout the FC/GT system are presented for the controlled response to a fuel cell voltage increase in order to show the effect of a load decrease.

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