Hydro-inertia gas bearing is a type of static air bearing, which supports the rotor by suction force generated by supersonic flow in large bearing clearance [1]. A tool to analyze the flow inside the clearance of hydroinertia gas bearings have been developed, and validated by experiment. A tool to estimate the load capacity and the bearing stiffness of the hydroinertia gas bearing based on experimental data has also been developed. A micro spinner test rig has been fabricated to test an hydroinertia gas bearings designed by the developed tools, and stable operation of 4mm diameter shaft at 1,200,000 rpm has successfully been achieved. A micro-high-speed bearing test rig to test a rotor for micromachine gas turbine has been designed and fabricated. Current micromachine gas turbine’s configuration requires a rotor with 10mm diameter compressor and turbine impellers on each end of 4mm diameter shaft to operate stably at 870,000rpm. Based on the achievement of stable operation at the high-speed of 1,200,000 rpm, hydro-inertia gas bearing has been selected as a candidate for both the bearings for micromachine gas turbine. Currently, the rotor speed as high as 770,000rpm has been achieved in this test rig.

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