Film cooling performance for a row of cylindrical holes can be enhanced by embedding the row in transverse slots. The geometry of the transverse slot greatly affects the cooling performance downstream of injection. The effect of the slot exit area and edge shape is investigated. Detailed heat transfer coefficient and film effectiveness measurements are obtained simultaneously using a single test transient IR thermography technique. The study is performed at a single mainstream Reynolds number based on free-stream velocity and film hole diameter of 7150 at three different coolant-to-mainstream blowing ratios of 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5. The results show that the film cooling holes provide higher film effectiveness when embedded in a slot. However, in some geometries when the slot begins at the upstream edge of the hole, the film effectiveness diminishes. The heat transfer coefficient enhancement due to the embedding is not significantly higher compared to the typical unembedded cylindrical hole. The overall heat flux ratio comparing film cooling with embedded holes to unembedded holes shows that the full slot and downstream slot spacing after the hole exit produce the highest heat flux reduction. The holes-in-slot geometry is certainly very promising.

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