The present paper deals with an experimental investigation on the conjugate heat transfer in a straight. non-rotating rib-roughened cooling channel. The geometry and flow Reynolds number are representative of those encountered in a modern gas turbine. The hot wall, including the rib, surface temperature distribution is measured by means of an Infra-Red imaging system. The conduction pattern through the wall thickness is calculated by means of the commercial code Fluent®. This combination allows the determination of the real local wall heat flux and enhancement factor in order to investigate the effect of the conduction-convection coupling. The results are compared with those obtained from a more classical, purely convective experiment, putting in evidence the real contribution of the ribs in the heat transfer pattern. A detailed uncertainty analysis, taking into account the combination of the experimental and numerical approaches, supports the results. In addition to a better understanding of the rib effect in the heat transfer pattern, the present data also complement an already well documented test case for numerical analysis validation.

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