The paper will show the development of lean premix combustion technologies in BBC, ABB and Alstom gas turbines. Different technologies have been developed and applied in Brown Boveri Company (BBC) before 1990. Considerable improvements with respect to NOx emissions as compared to gas turbines with a single combustor and a single diffusion burner for liquid and gaseous fuel have been achieved with burners with extended premixing sections and with multi injection burners for annular combustors. Between 1990 and 2005 burners with short but effective premixing zones (EV burners: environmental friendly V-shaped burners) have been implemented in all new gas turbines of the ABB (and later Alstom) fleet with NOx levels well below 25 vppmd (@15%O2). In addition to this, three variants of premix technologies have been successfully developed and deployed into Alstom GT engines: the sequential EV burners — a technology that allows premixing of natural gas and oil into a hot exhaust stream to reheat the exhaust gases of a first high pressure turbine; the MBtu EV burners that are used to burn syngas in a premix flame with low NOx emissions; and the advanced EV burners (AEV) that are capable to prevaporize and premix liquid fuel prior to combustion and burn it with very low NOx emissions without water injection. The paper will give an overview of these technologies and their usage in Alstom gas turbines over the last 25 years.

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