In this paper, we proposed a new type of IGCC system with CO2 recovery, which employed the cryogenic energy of the air separation unit. The idea of integration of CO2 separation is introduced and the theoretical separation work was compared between the integration CO2 separation process and the traditional CO2 separation process. Different from the two-step (separation and compression) CO2 recovery processes commonly used, the new system can separate and liquefy CO2 simultaneously by means of integration of the cryogenic energy of air separation unit and CO2 recovery unit. In this way, a large amount of compression work can be reduced, compared with wet scrubbing processes to sequestrate the recovered CO2. The new integration system was compared with the amine absorption process. The result indicated that through energy integration between air separation and CO2 recovery, the energy consumption of CO2 separation is expected to be reduced by 28.4%, compared to the traditional amine absorption process. Based on the investigation, the paper make a contribution to provide a concept of integration of cold energy with CO2 separation for the purpose of increase in efficiency and mitigation of greenhouse gas impact.

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