A concept of new steam system for hydrogen energy storage application is presented in this paper. Its special, dual-path configuration enables operation in two basic modes. During the nighttime demand trough, one-source mode can be used and the system can be operated as a conventional water-steam cycle. During the daytime demand peak, a second, high-quality heat source in the form of hydrogen-oxygen combustion can be introduced, increasing the system output and efficiency. This concept seems to solve the two most serious problems of hydrogen turbine systems, which are the fuel cost and the requirement of continuous operation. Initial calculations for the proposed system combined with an advanced gas turbine confirmed that a remarkable performance is obtainable under manageable conditions. In one-source mode of operation, the performance corresponds to that of the newest advanced combined cycles, while in two-source mode the overall output is doubled, the electric efficiency exceeds 59% HHV (67% LHV), and the efficiency for heat supplied by hydrogen into the increment of output exceeds 62% HHV (73% LHV). An example of hydrogen energy storage cycle is also discussed in the paper.

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