A new system using combined coal gasification and combustion has been developed for clean and high efficient utilization of coal. Following are the processes. The coal is first partially gasified and the produced fuel gas is then used for industrial purpose or as a fuel for a gas turbine. The char residue from the gasifier is burned in a circulating fluidized bed combustor to generate steam for power generation. For having the experimental investigation, a 1MW pilot plant test facility has been erected. Experiments on coal partial gasification with air, and recycle gas have been made on the 1 MW pilot plant test facility. The results show that, with air as gasification agent, the system can produce 4–5MJ/Nm3 low heating value dry gas and fuel conversion efficiency attains 50–70% in the gasifier, and residue 20–40% converted in the combustor and total conversion efficiency in the system is over 90%. In the gasifier, the carbon conversion efficiency increases with the bed temperature and the air blown temperature. CaCO3 has an effective effect for sulfur removal in the gasifier. The sulfur removal efficiency attains 85% with Ca/S molar ratio 2.5. The system can produce 12–14MJ/Nm3 middle heating value day gas by using high temperature circulation solid as heat carrier and recycle gas or steam as gasification media, but the fuel conversion efficiency only attain 30–40% in the gasifier and most of fuel energy is converted in the combustor. CaCO3 has an obvious effect on tar cracking and H2S removal. The sulfur removal efficiency attains 80% with Ca/S molar ratio 2.5.

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