A prototype machine for a next generation microturbine system applying a simple humid air turbine system (design target of electrical output: 150 kW, electrical efficiency: 35% LHV) was developed for its laboratory evaluation. A low NOx combustor which applied a lean-lean zone combustion concept and water lubricated bearings were developed for the prototype machine. Operation using two water lines for the humid air turbine (HAT) was proposed as an effective way to obtain rated electric output to ambient temperature of 40 deg C. Tests for the main components were done successfully. Motoring tests, full speed test with no load, 50% load and 70% load tests as preliminary tests for rated load tests were also carried out successfully. Low NOx emission of 7.6 ppm and high efficiency of 95.6% for the power conversion system were achieved in the partial load tests. At the first rated load test without HAT and Water atomizing inlet air cooling (WAC) that followed those partial load tests, 150.3 kW electric output with electrical efficiency of 32% was obtained.

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