Compact recuperators/heat-exchangers increase the efficiency of both microturbines and smaller industrial gas turbines. Most recuperators today are made from 347 stainless steel and operate well below 700°C. Larger engine sizes, higher exhaust temperatures and alternate fuels all demand recuperator materials with greater performance (creep strength, corrosion resistance) and reliability than 347 steel, especially for temperatures of 700–750°C. The Department of Energy (DOE) sponsors programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to produce and evaluate cost-effective high-temperature recuperator alloys. This paper summarizes the latest high-temperature creep and corrosion data for a commercial 347 steel with modified processing for better creep resistanc, and for advanced commercial alloys with significantly better creep and corrosion resistance, including alloys NF709, HR120. Similar data are also provided on small lab heats of several new ORNL modified stainless steels.

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