The second part of this paper deals with the analysis of the 2D LDA measurements carried out within the high-speed multistage axial compressor CREATE. First the interactions correlations are quantified using the deterministic stresses introduced by Adamczyk. Secondly, a modal decomposition shows that the interactions are characterized by the presence of spatial harmonics (spinning lobes) given by a linear combination of the blades numbers. An original measurement of the rotating speed of the spinning lobes has been carried out allowing to identify almost all the spinning lobes in the first inter row region resulting from the R1-S1 interactions. For the first stage, where the influence of the downstream rows is low, the measured flow field is well reproduced by the model of Tyler and Sofrin. Spatial DFT of the flow field calculated for each time of the compressor time period show that there is a pulsation of the spatial harmonics with the period associated to the minimum elapsed time to recover the same relative positions of the rotor and stator rows.

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