Various methods have been developed, and used in practice, to reduce the maintenance cost of gas turbine hot parts by extending the replacement life. The life-refurbishment process by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is one of our accomplishments for the buckets retired due to the scheduled life and was confirmed to rejuvenate the microstructures and the tensile, Charpy impact, creep and low cycle fatigue properties to a condition equivalent to or even better than the new ones under the development program. According to above mentioned accomplishments, a number of HIP refurbished buckets were reinstalled in a Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. (CEPCO) 1100°C-class gas turbine rotor on December 1999 and operated successfully for 2 years under the joint program. Those buckets also served for destructive and non-destructive evaluations after operation. From those tests, we reconfirmed the reliability of the HIP refurbished buckets and also validated that the life-consumption rate was the same as new ones.

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