In order to make gas turbines insensitive to the wide range of ambient and load conditions where they find application, and to run them always at their optimal capability, a new control logic has been developed. The new logic is called ‘Corrected Parameter Control’ (CPC) as it is able to ‘correct’ itself on the basis of the present working conditions. CPC logic allows the engine controller to properly account for: ambient pressure and temperature, humidity, inlet and exhaust pressure losses and, for mechanical drive engines, power turbine speed. This guarantees: - that the engine truly reaches its operating limit when maximum power output is required (i.e. to run at design firing temperature); - the correct fuel/air ratio in the combustion chamber to achieve the target emissions throughtout the load range and at every ambient condition. Full CPC logic has been applied for the first time on the prototype of the new MS5002E gas turbine (currently on-test); while a simplified version that only accounts for the power turbine speed has already been successfully tested in-field on the GE10-2. In this application, the introduction of the CPC logic increased the maximum power by over 5% at 80% of power turbine design speed.

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