The advancement of self-sealing ceramic matrix composites offers durability improvements in hot section components of gas turbine engines. These durability improvements come with no need for internal cooling and with reduced weight. Building on past material efforts, ceramic matrix composites based on either a carbon fiber or a SiC fiber with a sequenced self-sealing matrix have been developed for gas turbine applications. The specific application being pursued on this effort is an F100-PW-229 nozzle seal. Full design life ground engine testing has been accomplished with both material systems. The ground testing has demonstrated a significant durability improvement from the baseline metal design. Residual properties are being determined for both systems by extracting tensile and microstructural coupons from the ceramic matrix composite seal. Nondestructive interrogation showed no material degradation and was used as a guide in setting cutting diagrams. The results from this effort will be presented along with documentation from flight test efforts.

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