The tip leakage flow characteristics for flat and squealer turbine tip geometries are studied in the von Karman Institute Isentropic Light Piston Compression Tube facility, CT-2, at different Reynolds and Mach number conditions for a fixed value of the tip gap in a non-rotating, linear cascade arrangement. To the best knowledge of the authors, these are among the very few high-speed tip flow data for the flat tip and squealer tip geometries. Oil flow visualizations and static pressure measurements on the blade tip, blade surface, and on the corresponding endwall provide insight to the structure of the two different tip flows. Aerodynamic losses are measured for the different tip arrangements, also. The squealer tip provides a significant decrease in velocity through the tip gap with respect to the flat tip blade. For the flat tip, an increase in Reynolds number causes an increase in tip velocity levels, but the squealer tip is relatively insensitive to change in Reynolds number.

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