A Zero-D cycle simulation of the GE90-94B high bypass turbofan engine has been achieved utilizing mini-maps generated from a high-fidelity simulation. The simulation utilizes the Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) thermodynamic cycle modeling system coupled to a high-fidelity full-engine model represented by a set of coupled 3D computational fluid dynamic (CFD) component models. Boundary conditions from the balanced, steady-state cycle model are used to define component boundary conditions in the full-engine model. Operating characteristics of the 3D component models are integrated into the cycle model via partial performance maps generated from the CFD flow solutions using one-dimensional meanline turbomachinery programs. This paper high-lights the generation of the highpressure compressor, booster, and fan partial performance maps, as well as turbine maps for the high pressure and low pressure turbine. These are actually “mini-maps” in the sense that they are developed only for a narrow operating range of the component. Results are compared between actual cycle data at a take-off condition and the comparable condition utilizing these mini-maps. The mini-maps are also presented with comparison to actual component data where possible.

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