For gas turbine engine performance analysis, a variety of simulation tools is available. In order to minimize model development and software maintenance costs, generic gas turbine system simulation tools are required for new modeling tasks. Many modeling aspects remain engine specific however and still require large implementation efforts. One of those aspects is adaptive modeling. Therefore, an adaptive modeling functionality has been developed that can be implemented in a generic component based gas turbine environment. A single component in a system modeling environment is able to turn any new or existing model into an adaptive model without extra coding. The concept has been demonstrated in the GSP gas turbine modeling environment. An object-oriented architecture allows automatic addition of the necessary equations for the adaptation to measurement values. Using the adaptive modeling component, the user can pre-configure the adaptive model and quickly optimize gas path diagnostics capability using experimentation with field data. The resulting adaptive model can be used by maintenance engineers for diagnostics. In this paper the integration of the adaptive modeling function into a system modeling environment is described. Results of a case study on a large turbofan engine application are presented.

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