This study presents experimental investigations into blade suction surface boundary layer flow in a multistage axial flow compressor. The experiments were focused on the third stage of the 4-stage Low Speed Research Compressor (LSRC) at Cranfield University. Measurements within the boundary layer were obtained using a hot wire probe. This was traversed normal to the blade surface at small increments, capturing the unsteady velocity profile within the boundary layer. Detailed boundary layer flow measurements covering most of the stator suction surface were taken and are described using time mean and ensemble averaged velocity profiles. Turbulence intensity in the boundary layer flow on the blade suction surface is also discussed. A strong wake-induced strip zone due to passing wake disturbances are generated at midspan near the blade leading edge at rotor blade passing frequency. Corner separation was observed at the tip region near the trailing edge. Normalized velocity profiles in this region show no variation in time.

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