This paper presents measurements of free-stream turbulence, streamwise pressure gradients and flow Reynolds number effects on attached-flow transition. The measurements were performed on a flat plate, at free-stream turbulence intensities ranging from 0.5% to 9.0%, four Reynolds numbers, and several streamwise pressure distributions, including ones that are typical of the suction side pressures of axial turbine blades. Based on the results, the extent of upstream movement of transition location with free-stream turbulence, the changes in transition length with variations in the streamwise pressure gradients, and the sensitivity of these trends to flow Reynolds number are quantified. Interpretation of the measurements is based primarily on streamwise and cross-stream intermittency distributions extracted from the velocity traces of hot-wire traverses. The measured transition inception locations and transition lengths are used to evaluate mathematical models available in the published literature. A modification is proposed to a transition length model to improve the prediction of the streamwise intermittency distribution.

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