This paper describes heat-transfer measurements and predictions obtained for the vane and blade of a rotating high-pressure turbine stage. The measurements were obtained with the stage operating at design corrected conditions. A previous paper described the aerodynamics and the blade midspan location heat-transfer data and compared these experimental results with predictions. The intent of the current paper is to concentrate on the measurements and predictions for the 20%, 50%, and 80% span locations on the vane, the vane inner and outer endwall, the 20% and 96% span location on the blade, the blade tip (flat tip), and the stationary blade shroud. Heat-transfer data obtained at midspan for three different TBC coated vanes (fine, medium and coarse) are also presented. Boundary-layer heat transfer predictions at the off-midspan locations are compared with the measurements for both the vane and the blade. The results of a STAR-CD 3D prediction are compared with the 20% and 96% span results for the blade surface. Predictions are not available for comparison with the tip and shroud experimental results.

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