The paper presents an experimental study of heat/mass transfer coefficient in 1:4 rectangular channel with smooth or ribbed walls for Reynolds number in the range of 5000 to 40000 and Rotation numbers in the range of 0–0.12. Such passages are encountered close to the mid-chord sections of the turbine blade. Normal ribs (e/Dh = 0.3125, and P/e = 8) are placed on the leading and the trailing sides only. The experiments are conducted in a rotating two-pass coolant channel facility using the naphthalene sublimation technique. For purposes of comparison, selected measurements are also performed in a 1:1 cross-section. The local mass-transfer data in the fully developed region is averaged to study the effect of the Reynolds and the Rotation numbers. The span-wise mass transfer distributions in the smooth and the ribbed cases are also examined.

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