Heat transfer and friction coefficients have been measured within a rectangular passage of aspect ratio 0.4 containing 45-degree staggered turbulators of very high blockage. Using a constant pitch-to-height ratio of 10 for all geometries, turbulator height-to-channel hydraulic diameter ratios from 0.193 to 0.333 were investigated. This range of e/D creates actual channel blockage ratios e/H from 0.275 to 0.475, presenting significant flow area restrictions. A liquid crystal test technique is used to obtain both detailed heat transfer behavior on the surfaces between turbulators, as well as averaged fully developed heat transfer coefficients. Reynolds numbers from 20000 to 100000 were tested. Nusselt number enhancements of up to 3.6 were obtained over that of a smooth channel, with friction coefficient enhancements of as much as 65. In contrast to low-blockage turbulated channels, the 45-degree turbulated Nu is found to be lower than that at 90-degree orientation, given very similar e/D and e/H values.

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