The aerodynamics and aerothermics of a transonic convection-cooled turbine guide vane are investigated by application of a conjugate fluid flow and heat transfer solver, CHT-Flow. The code developed at the Institute of Steam and Gas Turbines, Aachen University, does not need any heat transfer data beforehand. Since the numerical results for the uncoated vane showed good agreement with experimental data, numerical investigations are extended for the coated vane. The investigated configuration consists of an APS (Athmospheric Plasma Spray) layer, while the external vane shape is preserved. For the coated configuration a parametric study of the cooling fluid mass flow has been performed with the aim of a smoothed temperature distribution in the blade material. Furthermore, with the help of a simplified thermal stress analysis the influence of the reduced cooling fluid mass flow on the thermal stresses in the blade material will be discussed in detail.

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