ALSTOM’s new gas turbine, the GT10C, is a 30 MW industrial gas turbine for mechanical drive and power generation, which has been upgraded from the 25 MW GT10B. The thermal efficiency of the new gas turbine is 37.3% at ISO inlet conditions with no losses. The GT10C features a dual-fuel dry low emission gas turbine, with emissions values of 15 ppm NOx on gaseous fuel and 42 ppm NOX on liquid fuel (also dry). The GT10C was first started and operated on load in November 2001 and the test program is ongoing until the fall of 2002. The program covers a complete package test, including gas turbine, auxiliaries and control system, to ensure package availability. For the tests, a new test rig has been built in Finspong, Sweden, for testing on both natural gas and liquid fuels. The tests have been very successful, achieving the product targets, for example below 15 ppm NOx, without combustor pulsations. This paper discusses operation experience from the test rig, where the engine has been tested on both natural gas and liquid fuel over the whole load range. The engine has been equipped with over 1200 measuring points, covering the complete gas turbine. All critical parameters have been carefully verified in the test, such as turbine blade temperature and stresses, combustor temperatures and dynamics and engine performance. Results from the tests and measurements will be discussed in this paper. Performance and emissions will also be evaluated.

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