The purpose of this study is to investigate the dynamics of a nonlinear hydrodynamic thrust bearing-mounted rigid rotor subjected to an unbalance force and parametric excitations. The parametric excitations include hydrodynamic forces and momenta of the thrust bearing when the rotor is subjected to an axial harmonic excitation. The effect of an eccentric axial excitation is also considered and the associated equations of motion are derived. Nonlinear phenomena including periodic response, hysteresis cycle, chaotic motion, etc. are investigated. The bifurcation values of parametric and unbalance excitation for steady state response are determined. The solutions of lateral response are dominated by the magnitude and frequency of axial excitation under light unbalance. The results show that the effect of axial excitation on bifurcation phenomenon of lateral vibration is significant as the eccentricity of axial force is enlarged.

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