A recently developed finite length model of squeeze film dampers is extended and used in predicting the behavior of a rigid rotor supported by squeeze film dampers (SFDs). The model is based on a perturbation solution of Reynolds’ equation. The finite length SFD damping coefficients are presented for various L/R ratios. The effect of damper finite length is studied. Simulations of the behavior of a rigid rotor with the finite length SFDs illustrate the response of the roto-rbearing system. The accuracy of the finite damper model is shown for cases comparable to short and long dampers models. The short damper and long damper models are generally accepted to be valid for L/D < 1/4, and for L/D > 4, respectively. The capability of the finite length damper model to capture the main essence of the L/R ratio on the rotor response at resonance is illustrated. Analytical formulae for damping estimates are provided for finite length dampers. It is shown that the finite length damper actually provides less damping than either the short or the long damper models, which means that current design practices actually overestimate the SFD damping capabilities.

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