It is known that the forced response of mistuned bladed disks can strongly be amplified in comparison with the forced response of the tuned system. The random character of mistuning thus requires the construction of probabilistics models of random uncertainties. This paper presents a nonparametric probabilistic model of random uncertainties which is adapted to the problematics of the blade mistuning. This nonparametric approach allows all the uncertainties yielding mistuning (manufacturing tolerances, dispersion of materials) to be taken into account and includes also the uncertainties due to the modeling errors. This new probabilistic model takes into account both the mistuning of the blade eigenfrequencies and the blade modal shapes. The first point concerns the construction of this nonparametric approach in order to perform a mistuning analysis. The second part is devoted to the inverse problem associated with the manufacturing tolerances. A relationship between the manufacturing tolerances and the level of mistuning is also constructed.

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