A unique structural component known as the thermally free axial support or TFA has been developed to restrain a foil substrate catalyst within a gas turbine combustor. Designing a device for this application has been extremely challenging due to competing requirements. Functionally, this support must restrain a catalyst against significant pressure load at temperatures as high as 940°Celsius (C). Enough contact area with the catalyst must exist to avoid foil deformation while at the same time the device must not overly restrict or disturb combustion fluid flow. The aerodynamic performance of the TFA has been validated in actual turbine operation. The TFA is also expected to survive in base loaded gas turbine operation for at least 8000 hours. Long-term durability, crucial to this component since it is upstream of the turbine has been proven with significant analytical and testing efforts. Manufacturing quality assurance and control has been utilized to achieve a consistent product.

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