Capstone Turbine Corporation developed and rig tested a new annular type primary surface recuperator for a 200kW microturbine. Rig testing was conducted for performance verification. The first development recuperator core is scheduled for assembly with a 200kW microturbine engine in 2003. This recuperator is designed using internally developed analytical and 2D & 3D CFD models. The analytical model is used to determine the heat transfer and pressure drop of the recuperator in the microturbine engine. CFD models were used to optimize the flow distributions in the recuperator core and the manifold sections. The prototype recuperator core segments were assembled and tested with the flow condition of the 200kW microturbine engine. The mass flow rate, temperatures, and pressures were measured to obtain effectiveness and pressure drops. Design goal of 90% effectiveness and 2.5% total relative pressure drop was achieved with some margin. The model predictions also agreed well with the rig test results.

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