In this paper the low-temperature heat utilization was developed based on the externally fired humid air turbine (EFHAT) system with latent heat utilization. In the EFHAT, the exhaust temperature of gas turbine is not limited by dew point, so that the latent heat can be utilized to increase ability of humidification of air. Additionally, thermal efficiency of low temperature heat is usually quite low. In this paper, the low temperature heat is introduced and utilized in a saturator not only to enhance the air humidification but also to effectively use the latent heat. As a result, the thermal efficiency of the low temperature heat (200°C) can attain 20% or so, higher about 6∼8 percent points than conventional instance, while the latent heat utilization ratio is increased by about 10 percent points compared to usual EFHAT system with latent heat utilization. The novel EFHAT system combined with low temperature heat utilization will be a new orientation not only for the clean coal power generation system, but also for low-temperature heat utilization.

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