A new Rich-Catalytic Lean-burn combustion concept (trademarked by PCI as RCL) was tested at industrial gas turbine conditions, in Solar Turbines’ high-pressure (17 atm) combustion rig and in a modified Solar Turbines engine, demonstrating ultra-low emissions of NOx < 2 ppm and CO < 10 ppm for natural gas fuel. For the single-injector rig tests, an RCL catalytic reactor replaced a single swirler/injector. NOx < 3 ppm and CO < 10 ppm were achieved over a 110 C operating range in flame temperature, including NOx < 1 ppm at about 1350 C flame temperature. Combustion noise was less than 0.15% peak-to-peak. Four RCL catalytic reactors were then installed in a modified (single can combustor) engine. NOx emissions averaged 2.1 ppm over the allowable operating range for this modified engine, with CO < 10 ppm and without combustion noise (less than 0.15% peak-to-peak).

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