Mitsubishi completed design development and verification load testing of a steam-cooled M501H gas turbine at a combined cycle power plant at Takasago, Japan in 2001. Several advanced technologies were specifically developed in addition to the steam-cooled components consisting of the combustor, turbine blades, vanes and the rotor. Some of the other key technologies consisted of an advanced compressor with a pressure ratio of 25:1, active clearance control, and advanced seal technology. Prior to the M501H, Mitsubishi introduced cooling-steam in “G series” gas turbines in 1997 to cool combustor liners. Recently, some of the advanced design technologies from the M501H gas turbine were applied to the G series gas turbine resulting in significant improvement in output and thermal efficiency. A noteworthy aspect of the technology transfer is that the upgraded G series M701G2 gas turbine has almost equivalent output and thermal efficiency as H class gas turbines while continuing to rely on conventional air-cooling of turbine blades and vanes, and time proven materials from industrial gas turbine experience. This paper describes the key design features of the M701G2 gas turbine that make this possible such as the advanced 21:1 compressor with 14 stages, an advanced pre-mix DLN combustor, etc, as well as shop load test results that were completed in 2002 in Mitsubishi’s in-house facility.

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