It is well known that gas turbine performance is quite influenced by ambient conditions such as pressure, air temperature and relative humidity. This paper deals with the effects of ambient conditions on performance of gas turbine fired with syngas. A mathematical model of the engine has been implemented within GateCycle workspace and using experimental data, it has been finely tuned and tested. Results analysis showed that it is able to simulate engine running in on–design and off–design conditions (maximum relative error is about 1%). Thus, gas turbine running simulations depending on ambient temperature and relative humidity have been carried out. Results analysis showed that at high air temperatures (higher then the one corresponding to maximum IGV opening) performance reduction occur. On the contrary, high values of relative humidity allow to reduce power losses in the same temperature range. In conclusion, the developed mathematical model is able to simulate gas turbine running with low relative errors. So that, it could be used in order to optimise engine performance at the ambient conditions that occur for the site of the IGCC Complex in which gas turbine is integrated.

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