This paper describes the conceptual design and cooling blade development of a 1700 °C-class high-temperature gas turbine in the ACRO-GT-2000 (Advanced Carbon Dioxide Recovery System of Closed-Cycle Gas Turbine Aiming 2000K) project. In the ACRO-GT closed cycle power plant system, the thermal efficiency aimed at is more than 60% of higher heating value of fuel (HHV). Because of the high thermal efficiency requirement, the 1700 °C-class high-temperature gas turbine must be designed with the minimum amount of cooling and seal steam consumption. The hybrid cooling scheme, which is a combination of closed loop internal cooling and film ejection cooling, was chosen from among several cooling schemes. The elemental experiments and numerical studies, such as those on blade surface heat transfer, internal cooling channel heat transfer and pressure loss and rotor coolant passage distribution flow phenomena, were conducted and the results were applied to the conceptual design advancement. As a result, the cooling steam consumption in the first stage nozzle and blade was reduced by about 40% compared with the previous design that was performed in the WE-NET (World Energy Network) Phase-I.

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