Turbomachinery blade vibrations of sufficient amplitude cause High Cycle Fatigue, which reduces blade life. In order to observe this vibration a non-intrusive monitoring system is sought. The vibration can be detected by measuring blade tip timing since in the presence of vibration the blade timing will differ slightly from the passing time calculated from rotor speed. This paper provides new insights into the ability of a commercially available capacitance probe tip clearance measurement system for application as a non-intrusive turbomachinery blade tip timing measurement device. Initial experimental investigations are reported where a compressor blade with mounted strain gauges is used in a low-speed compressor. Capacitance probe results are correlated with simultaneously measured strain gauge results. Finite Element simulations are also used. The performance of the capacitance system in measuring blade vibration is analysed. Measurements were facilitated by the commissioning of a new instrument dedicated compressor test facility and this test facility is described.

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