This paper will document the pioneering work of Dr. Max Bentele in his long and distinguished career in Germany, the UK and the United States. His early work on turbojets was in conjunction with his life long friend, Dr. Hans von Ohain, at the Heinkel-Hirth Corporation where he was involved in a wide range of turbojet engines culminating with the advanced HeS 011 (2940 lb thrust, 64 lb/sec, Pr Ratio 4.2:1), which he co-developed with Dr. Hans von Ohain. Dr. Bentele’s pioneering work in the area of blade vibration and its control will be documented along with details of his spectacular solution of the turbine blade vibration problem on the Junkers 004B engine which propelled the world’s first operational jet fighter — the Me-262. Also covered will be his important contributions to turbine blade cooling and unique blade manufacturing techniques that he pioneered for air-cooled blades.

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