A combustor liner was computationally simulated and probabilistically evaluated in view of the several uncertainties in the aerodynamic, structural, material and thermal variables that govern the combustor liner. The interconnection between the computational fluid dynamics code and the finite element structural analysis codes was necessary to couple the thermal profiles with structural design. The stresses and their variations were evaluated at critical points on the liner. Cumulative distribution functions and sensitivity factors were computed for stress responses due to the aerodynamic, mechanical and thermal random variables. It was observed that the inlet and exit temperatures have a lot of influence on the hoop stress. For prescribed values of inlet and exit temperatures, the Reynolds number of the flow, coefficient of thermal expansion, gas emissivity and absorptivity and thermal conductivity of the material have about the same impact on the hoop stress. These results can be used to quickly identify the most critical design variables in order to optimize the design and make it cost effective.

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