In this paper, a one-dimensional program for evaluating pollutant emissions in combined cycle power plant with supplementary firing is presented. The program uses Chemical Reactors analysis based on a Perfectly Stirred Reactor approach in conjunction with an emission model that simulates a detailed chemical kinetic scheme for combustion process modelling. The program allows the evaluation of the main pollutant emissions deriving from natural gas and oil combustion. In order to simulate combustion systems that can be found in a fired combined cycle power plant, the developed program presents some extended features with respect to programs developed for gas turbine combustors only. In order to reproduce a wide typology of combustors, the combustor geometry is represented using two characteristic dimensions (hydraulic diameter and length) and the considered domain is divided into reactors in series (along the axial direction) and in parallel (along the radial direction). The temperature in each reactor is determined taking into account both the convective and the radiative heat transfer between hot gases and walls. The program has been applied to two cases. In the first the numerical predictions have been compared with available experimental data relative to two gas turbine combustors. In the second case the program has been instead applied to a cylindrical test burner designed in accordance with EN 267 European Standard. The obtained results are acceptable from an engineering point of view and have been considered sufficiently accurate for this preliminary set-up phase of the model.

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