ALSTOM Power has launched the GT10C a 30 MW industrial gas turbine (see figure 1) upgraded from the 25 MW GT10B. The thermal efficiency of the new gas turbine is 37.3% (shaft) and 36% electrical at ISO inlet conditions with no losses. The new GT10C has a Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustor for both natural gas and diesel oil fuel; it has NOx emissions at 15 ppmv on gas and 42 ppmv on oil fuel (15% O2 dry). The first GT10C is now manufactured and assembled, and has been under testing since October 2001. For this purpose a new test rig has been built in Finspong, Sweden, in order to verify performance and reliability. GT10C will be available to the market mid-2002 and manufactured in parallel with GT10B. The general design is based on the GT10B and measures have been taken for maximum reliability and maintenance in order to keep operation costs to a minimum. Improvements for GT10C are mainly derived from GT10B or taken from ALSTOM Power GTX100 (43 MW gas turbine), as described herein.

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