Fuel cells have resulted to be very attractive power generation systems, promising highly efficient electricity generation with very low environmental impact. Although still in embryonic infancy high-temperature fuel cells, the very high energetic efficiency can be further increased by their integration in hybrid cycles. While a wide variety of potential bottoming technologies for exploiting the high temperature exhaust gases waste heat is available, a lot of research effort is needed to determine the optimal integration of well established technologies with these very novel conversion devices. This work, using results from previous works, in which a MCFC/Gas Turbine hybrid plant was defined and the working parameters optimised both with a GT simple cycle and with steam injection and post combustion, starts from choosing an existing gas turbine technology with suitable working parameters to perform a system evaluation and integration. Since the gas turbine nominal maximum temperature cannot be reached by the only means of heat exchange from the MCFC plant section, post combustion has been considered and the turbine has been simulated both in nominal and in off design conditions in order to find an optimal solution. The work takes into consideration not only the main plants modifications of the existing components to allow for system integration but also the most relevant issues connected with altered working conditions.

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