The evaporative gas turbine (EvGT) cycle is an advanced cycle with a high electrical efficiency and specific power output. The heat in the exhaust gas is used to evaporate water directly into the compressed combustion air. This increases the volumetric flow rate through the expander without increasing the compressor work. In part flow evaporative cycles, only a fraction of the compressed air passes through the humidification system; the rest of the air bypasses the humidifier. In this study, exergy analyses of different part flow cases for two evaporative cycles have been performed, in order to evaluate part flow humidification. The evaporative cycles are based on the industrial gas turbine GTX100 and the aeroderivative Trent. This paper is divided into two parts. The first part contains an introduction to the EvGT cycle and the methods used in the study. The second part contains the results, discussion, and conclusions.

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