The turbine inlet gas temperature ( Toso ) is an important parameter in design and performance analysis of gas turbine cycles. By increasing Toso, air bleeding for blade cooling increases and it can be about 25 percent of compressor inlet air mass flow rate for Toso equal to 1600 K. Therefore air bleeding has an important impact on thermal efficiency, specific power output and the optimum compressor pressure ratio at which maximum efficiency occurs. For the gas turbine part of a combined cycle, these performance curves are obtained and shown using a developed simulation program (GTE). Also for heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) part of a combined cycle plant, HRSG simulates the transient and steady state temperature distribution of hot gases, steam and tube metal at different parts of HRSG. Any number of pressure levels (high, intermediate and low) and heating elements (superheater, evaporator and economizer) including desuperheater and deaerator can be included. GTE outputs show less than two percent difference from reported measured values. This difference was less than six percent for HRSG model.

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