This paper describes an undergraduate course on rotating machinery that has been developed at Virginia Tech with the close collaboration of an industry partner, the Bently Nevada Corporation. The course is offered as a technical elective in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for undergraduate students at the senior level. The motivation for the development of the course was to give students the experience of applying some of their basic courses to real engineering scenarios while educating students in additional specialized issues associated with the operation, design, and maintenance of rotating machinery. The development of this course is novel in that multiple academic, industrial, and institutional resources are utilized to create real engineering experiences appropriate for the undergraduate classroom. Creating this type of learning experience at the senior level helps students translate their basic engineering skills into practical engineering skills in order to successfully address real engineering scenarios that are not always straightforward problems based on straightforward information. This paper describes some of the course details and how a diversity of resources is incorporated into an undergraduate course. It is hoped that the information presented here will facilitate more industry and academic collaborations for the benefits of future engineers and the discipline itself.

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