Diffusion flame combustor test results are presented for methane firing in steam/air mixtures containing up to 20% steam. The tests were conducted at atmospheric pressure with combustor inlet temperatures up to 700K. Steam and air were fully premixed before combustion. Combustion efficiency and NOX levels were measured. The well-known Θ loading parameter was modified by replacing the combustor inlet temperature with the flame temperature. The flame temperature was defined as the stoichiometric temperature of the steam/air mixture. The combustion efficiency obtained with and without steam correlated nicely with this modified loading parameter. Calculated NOX levels agreed well with the measurements, where NOX was predicted using the flamelet technique. This approach makes it possible to predict combustor efficiencies with steam by using combustor performance data taken without steam. Preliminary design analyses of gas turbine cycles with significant steam addition can now easily include the impact of the steam on combustor performance.

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