From the very first beginning of the V64.3A development the HR3 burner was selected as standard design for this frame. The HR3 burner was originally developed for the Vx4.2 and Vx4.3 fleet featuring silo combustors in order to mitigate the risk of flashback and to improve the NOx-emissions (Prade, Streb, 1996). Due to its favourable performance characteristics in the Vx4.3 family the advanced HR3 burner was adapted to the Vx4.3A series with annular combustor (hybrid burner ring – HBR). This paper reports about the burner development for V64.3A gas turbines to reach NOx emissions below 25 ppmvd and CO emissions below 10 ppmvd. It is described how performance and NOx emissions have been optimised by implementation of fuel system and burner modifications. The development approach, emission results and commercial operation experiences as well are described. The modifications of the combustion system were successfully and reliably demonstrated on commercially running units. NOx emissions considerably below 25ppmvd were achieved at and above design baseload. An outlook to further steps of V64.3A burner development in the near future will be given in this paper.

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