This paper describes a test programme undertaken by Rolls-Royce plc and QinetiQ Ltd. where a series staged Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustor was internally traversed in 3 dimensions. The primary motivation of the exercise was to generate gaseous composition data for Combustion CFD validation and to gain greater insight into the changes in the detail of chemical composition along the length of the combustor. The combustor was run at baseload conditions corrected for 10 bar. An RB211 DLE combustion system was modified so that it could be installed into the QinetiQ internal traversing facility. Within this facility a position-calibrated gas-sampling probe was traversed within the combustor. Measurements of gaseous concentrations were made of CO, CO2, NOx, NO2, HC and O2 for over 400 points in 6 axial planes in both primary and secondary zones. Data within this paper, however, is reported for the four axial locations of most interest. The combustion temperature, AFR and efficiency were calculated from the gas analysis. A selected summary of the traverse results in terms of the gaseous compositions (NO and NOx), efficiency and AFR is included. Combustor performance in terms of efficiency, mixing and emissions has also been evaluated. The results show that although the combustion contains a great deal of structure at the inlets to both the primary and secondary zones, efficiency is close to 100% by the exit of each zone. Peak NOx emissions identified in the primary zone reached acceptable values by the combustor exit plane. Although a large number of points were measured, recommendations include further work with different operating conditions and better coverage of each axial plane.

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