Results of a low-NOx combustor test with a 15° sector are presented. A multipoint, lean-direct injection concept is used. The configuration tested has 36 fuel injectors and fuel-air mixers in place of a dual annular arrangement of two conventional fuel injectors. An integrated-module approach is used for the construction where chemically etched laminates that are diffusion bonded, combine the fuel injectors, air swirlers and fuel manifold into a single element. Test conditions include inlet temperatures up to 866K, and inlet pressures up to 4825 kPa. The fuel used was Jet A. A correlation is developed relating the NOx emissions to the inlet temperature, inlet pressure, and fuel-air ratio. Using a hypothetical 55:1 pressure-ratio engine, cycle NOx emissions are estimated to be less than 40% of the 1996 ICAO standard.

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