The present paper describes a new burner for a micro gas turbine utilizing the lean premixed prevaporized (LPP) combustion. The major objective of the new combustor concept is to achieve low pollutant emissions, in particular carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). Therefore, a homogeneous air fuel mixture is imperative for a lean combustion. Due to the thermodynamic cycle conditions of the micro gas turbine, the combustion air temperature is too low for an intense evaporation of a liquid fuel droplet spray. The new combustor concept therefore, is based on fuel film evaporation on the hot inner surface of a premix tube. The heat required for fuel film evaporation is transferred from the hot combustion gases, flowing along the outer surface of the tube, through the tube wall. The combustor wall is a multi-layered assembly consisting of a ceramic inner liner, a compliant layer, and the outer metal casing. This design allows almost adiabatic combustion to be established. The design process of the combustor is assisted by comprehensive numerical studies of droplet and fuel film evaporation. The commercial CFD code “CFD-RC” has been utilized to investigate the isothermal flow of the combustor. The vortex flow of the burner, which provides for flame stabilization, is described in detail. First experimental tests have been conducted. Measured pollutant concentrations of the exhaust gases meet international standards and demonstrate the great potential of the new combustor.

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