An LPP (Lean Pre-mixed Pre-vaporized) combustor is one of the most promising systems to make it possible to reduce NOx emission drastically. To realize low NOx combustors using liquid fuel, uniformity and fine atomization of fuel droplets are essential requirements. Droplet diameters of a fuel nozzle designed for LPP combustor as determined by PDPA measurement system are presented in this paper. An annulus pre-mixing duct was employed for the LPP fuel nozzle test model. Spray tests were conducted at pressures from 0.18MPa to 0.53MPa. Pre-mixing air velocity was also varied. Data show that the test nozzle produces a fine spray. In this paper, fuel droplet size distribution and velocity are presented and effects of air pressure and velocity on atomization are discussed. SMD of fuel droplets increases with the increases of ambient pressure. This is inconsistent with the trend determined by other works. But when the effect of fuel flow rate (or fuel film thickness) is considered, these inconsistencies can be resolved.

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